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Robbie Wilson

Robbie Wilson

We recently sat down with Chef Robbie Wilson and asked him five questions to learn more about him. See what his responses were! 

What ingredient can you not live without? 
Olive oil, extra virgin to be specific. My lube of choice for frying, vinaigrettes, sautéing, and occasional dipping. There is never a dull moment with great olive oil. Their finesse yields flavor profiles that can even detect distinct micro-regions of Europe.  In fact, just when you think you’ve surpassed your patience with those peppery-grassy oils, you can then move on to more fruity and herbaceous oils.  

If you could only cook with one pan/dish what would it be?
A cast-iron Staub cocotte. Perched atop the lid of the cocotte boasts a snail, indicating that everything going on inside is going to take some time. These dutch ovens can sear, braise, fry, and even sauté if needed. Hands down the undisputed king of all cooking apparatuses. 

What is your favorite thing to do when not in the kitchen? 
I really enjoy getting outside with my wife and dogs to enjoy the beauty of the Santa Barbara area. More specifically, the beach down from our house. A.k.a. "Butterfly Beach" has a habit of decompressing my game time mentality and encourages our dogs (Milton & Porkchop) to completely wear themselves out. The topography from the beach –  the Channel Islands in view, deep blue ocean, and local Palms, secures a perspective that I can/will never take for granted.  Amen.

Favorite memory in the kitchen?
Executing an omakase dinner in Aspen for the Dalali Lama, Richard Branson, Queen Noor, and some kid that just won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Only six people sat. Everyone was rather laid back & cool. The host was pouring these amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, rare vintages in lieu of the status quo deli-cup kitchen water.  His Holiness actually requested a second helping of Wagyu beef! Upon conclusion of the dinner, in terms of gratuity, I received prayer beads that were blessed by Richard Branson! Kidding……..the Dalai Lama was gracious enough to offer me these beads which I immediately sold on ebay. Kidding…….a blessed evening for a humbled chef.

What would you be if you were not a Chef? 

A shepherd. A dying art. What happened to all the great shepherds of my youth? Currently amidst an effort to bring back the profession to urban youths.

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