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Tata Harper

Tata Harper

We asked Tata Harper five questions to learn more about her and her products. See what she had to say! Tata will be at Blackberry Farm in June for the opening of the Wellhouse.

What ingredient could you (or your products) not live without?
There isn't one main ingredient that our entire line shares, but one thing that's in most of the products is a blend of botanical extracts that we make here in Vermont, with ingredients all grown on our farm. It's a blend that tackles all the signs of aging and overall health for the skin, and includes arnica (for inflammation), calendula (for soothing), meadowsweet (for cellular turnover), borage (for nutrition), and lemonbalm (for skin regeneration). I love it for my own skin because I know that it's concentrated and fresh, and delivers a wide range of benefits, and it's a special part of the product line because it's completely local.

If you could only have 5 products in your bag.. What would they be?
The Regenerating Cleanser, the Elixir Vitae antiaging serum, the Repairative Moisturizer, and the Eye Cream, for daily use. And of course, the Resurfacing Mask, for that once-a-week essential treatment for an instant glow. I couldn't live without them!

What is your favorite beauty tip?
To not only take care of your skin, but to live a lifestyle that's geared towards beauty from the inside out. Getting lots of sleep, eating a balanced, fresh diet and finding ways to minimize stress are all things that impact the way we look every day.

What would be your ultimate adventure?
To explore the Polar ice caps before they melt!

Most memorable experience?

My wedding - it involved a ten-day-long celebration in Colombia, in classic Colombian style... over the top!