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Tom Rochioli

Tom Rochioli

Q&A with Winemaker Tom Rochioli of Rochioli Vineyards and Winery.

To decant or not to decant?
I think decanting a wine is a good thing, but not absolutely necessary. For my wines, especially the reds, they dramatically change after 30 plus minutes in the glass and will continue to develop with time in the glass. I don’t always do it, but decanting is something I recommend to allow them to best develop.

What wines do you like to drink?
Pinot Noir – all styles. I am a big fan of good Burgundy and good California Pinot Noir. I appreciate Pinot Noirs that stylistically embrace elegance vs. brawn.

Screw cap or cork?
All our wines are finished with cork.

What glassware do you like?
I like the Riedel Burgundy glasses because they have a great surface to air ratio and can help the wine change and develop more quickly. For younger wines, the right glassware can take the place of decanting.

Most memorable meal?

The last one.

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