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Wells Guthrie of Copain Wines

Wells Guthrie of Copain Wines

 We recently sat down with Wells Guthrie and asked a few questions.  Check out the Whole Hog event at Blackberry Farm in August!

1.     To decant or not to decant?

I usually decant everything -- including Chablis and grower Champagnes, as well as old wines -- just to get off the sediment and then I pour them back into the bottle. With young red wines, I'll decant them if they need air, but if I have time, I prefer not to decant them as it's great to sit back and watch them evolve in the glass.

2.     Besides your own wine, what do you like to drink?

 Dry German Riesling, Cru Beaujolais, and wine from the Jura.

3.     Screw cap or cork?

No screw cap ever!

4.     What glassware do you like?

Zalto – the best glass ever. Everything else feels like a beer stein.  

5.     Most memorable meal?

Too many to name and memorable for so many different reasons. Most recently, I had an amazing dinner at Eleven Madison Park with Roberto Conterno, Jean-Louis Chave, Jean-Marc Roulot, Jeremy Seysses and others where Daniel Humm just blew us all away. It’s one of the greatest places to eat.

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