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A Season on Horseback

Winter at Blackberry Farm is a great time to be with horses. The trail horses have their furry seasonal coats, and they lounge in the fields soaking in the Winter sun. Our carriage horses love the brisk air. You’ll see them proudly trotting down the roads of the Farm – enjoying a Winter day in the countryside.

Snowflakes flurry, over Blackberry Farm. Smoke lazes from blazing fires. The scent of pine fills the air. Steel shoes hit the pavement. A soft nicker at feed time. Life is good here, for horses and for people.

We love that bare trees open vistas we have missed for months. The big mountains loom large, ours for the taking. No sweat for the horses, their breath forms winter clouds around us as we ride up to take in the best views.

Saddle up. Venture forth. Climb that mountain. Follow the hounds or snuggle up in the back of a vintage style carriage with a cup of steaming hot chocolate.

Our western trail saddles have gel seats with soft memory foam cushions on top. Sink deep and stay warm. We welcome non-riders who want to try it out. Learn to love a horse. Speak his language. See the farm in a whole new way.

Our English horses are fine jumpers. You’ll come in from a good day’s gallop with rosy cheeks and a sense of accomplishment.

Blackberry Farm’s carriage horses set the pace for a relaxing time here. Nestle in the back seat with beloved company and a favorite libation, or bring the family and sing to the bells as we clip clop our way around the farm.

Yes, life is good here. You’ll enjoy it even more, with a horse.

Carla Hawkinson, Equestrian Program Manager

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