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A Seasonal Favorite

Blackberry Farm Strawberry Jam is one of our favorite flavors. With the start of Summer swiftly approaching, strawberry jam is a refreshing ingredient to add to so many of your favorite recipes. Whether it’s a delicious breakfast spread or a flavorful dessert, this sweet jam can be used in a variety of ways that will have you reaching for your jar all through the season.

This classic jam can elevate recipes and be utilized at any meal. Start your morning off right by adding a dollop of strawberry jam and peanut butter to make peanut butter and jelly French toast. It brings a punch of flavor to a breakfast favorite! Finish it with a light dusting of powdered sugar or even drizzle a little chocolate if you’re really feeling a sweet tooth.

Experiment with new flavors by mixing strawberry jam and Dijon mustard to make a spread for a delicious pesto turkey sandwich. Mix the two ingredients until they’re well-combined and spread directly on your bread. The sweetness of the jam is a beautiful balance for the tang of the mustard.

For a tasty after-dinner treat, whip up a batch of your favorite brownie recipe. Once the brownies have cooled a bit, spread a layer of strawberry jam on top and generously cover with powdered sugar.

Jam can even enhance your favorite drinks! Combine the strawberry jam with the ingredients for a frozen strawberry smoothie as a great way to cool down after a hot Summer day or recreate the Blackberry Farm Firecracker Cocktail and toast to a fun Summer ahead.

Take the time to explore new ways to incorporate this seasonal favorite into your recipes!

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