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A Tale of Two Farms

Spending time on the Farm is as much about amazing food as it is about unplugging from everyday life and slipping into a Blackberry State of Mind.

Our friend, Tata Harper, lovingly calls Blackberry Farm her “home away from home”. On her own 1,200-acre farm where she lives and works in Shoreham, Vermont, several dogs, horses, cows, chickens, ducks and barn cats accompany the live ingredients used to create the 100-percent natural products she is committed to.

Much like Tata’s philosophy, our take on wellness is rooted in the appreciation of a life lived with natural balance. Just as each season on the farm affects the next, our perspective on health and wellbeing focuses on not just exercise and diet, but on living a life which is grounded, reflective and well-rounded.

In the serene Wellhouse, you can settle in for a relaxing massage or a completely customized Tata Harper Skincare Facial. Each treatment provides an outlet for you to relax and renew, while also nurturing sustainable habits for a healthy lifestyle long after your stay at the Farm.

Each day, our skin is under attack: from pollution, ultra-violet rays, free radicals and even an unbalanced diet. Enjoy some time here detoxing your pores and giving your mind and skin a reset. Indulge in a Farm-Fresh Facial, using Tata Harper products, for a fresh, clean feel and overall radiance. This treatment helps to purge pores and impurities that your skin has contacted during the day and assists in completely detoxing from modern life.

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