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A Weekend Away

Are you dreaming of Summer vacation? Embrace the spontaneity and excitement of Summertime and get away! We’ve compiled some of our favorite activities and suggestions for a perfect Summer weekend at Blackberry Farm.

Check in to Blackberry Farm and head to the Wellhouse to transition into vacation mode. Step into the steam shower with a little lavender in hand and breathe deeply to relax. Get comfortable in the Meadow Lounge and take in the view. Enjoy a refreshing facial or body treatment, and the worries of your week will be gone before dinner time.

Enjoy an early dinner at the Dogwood with a delicious menu from Executive Chef Sarah Steffan and her team. After dinner, grab a signature cocktail and take a seat in a rocking chair to watch the sun sink down behind the mountains from the Main House Lawn.

Finish your night with s’mores! You certainly don’t need a fire for warmth during the East Tennessee Summer, but s’mores are fun to indulge in no matter the season and no matter your age!

It’s hard to get out of a cozy Blackberry bed. Take it in for a few minutes, and then rise and shine to enjoy the day! Go for an early morning hike, and beat the heat. Then pull up a chair on the Main House Veranda for breakfast.

Stay cool as the day heats up with time in the water. Get out on our MasterCraft XStar, grab a paddle and enjoy the river or open up a good book by the Wellhouse pool. If you need a break from the Summer sun, sign up for an art class and get creative with pottery or painting.

Rinse off from a fun day and get ready for a memorable dinner at The Barn at Blackberry Farm. Arrive a few minutes early and sip a pre-dinner cocktail. Once seated, savor every bite of Executive Chef Cassidee Dabney’s Foothill’s Cuisine®.

Toast the end of a great day with a wine selection recommended by one of our Sommelier team members. They’re always ready to suggest the perfect pour.

Get one more activity in this morning. Get a ride to the stables and enjoy a stroll through the woods on horseback or start the day at the Gray Drake practicing your cast.

No great weekend away is complete without brunch! Take a seat at the Main House and enjoy breakfast staples and Farm favorites. With mind and body satisfied, you’re ready to head back into the real world. (At least until next weekend!)

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