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Adventures in Geocaching

Adventure Manager Joy Hopkins will take you on a journey geocaching through the Farm. This interactive experience lets you explore the property in a new way, finding hidden treasures as you navigate.

What is geocaching? Geocaching is like a high-tech treasure hunt. Using a hand-held GPS along with your map, you will be directed to certain locations where you will search for a hidden container that has specific materials for your hunt.

What can guests expect to find/see when geocaching? Geocaching is a great way to see and learn Blackberry Farm, as well as get a little exercise! The Letterboxing course leads participants all over property to find 10 geocaches. Our GeocachingTrails option is a little more rugged and involves a loop on our hiking trails through the woods.

What kind of skills do you learn during the activity? Utilizing the GPS is an opportunity to experience new technology, but we still rely on the old-fashioned map and compass to ensure our correct navigation. The GeocachingTrails course presents opportunities to learn some botany and understand land forms.

Why is this a fun way to experience the Farm? Participants will explore almost every beautiful corner of the Farm, with the unique anticipation of being on a hunt!

How long does the activity last? I would allow 2 hours for the activity, maybe a little less time if you travel by golf cart. The more people in your group, the quicker the hunt.

Why would you recommend this to a guest? Geocaching is a sport that everyone can do. Our self-guided option allows you to set your own pace and offers flexibility, while the guided option gives coaching and allows the opportunity to learn about specific aspects of the Farm. If a guest has never done any geocaching before, I would recommend a guide for GeocachingTrails, as it is a bit more challenging.

What inspired you to bring geocaching to the Farm? The first geocache in the United States was officially hidden and registered in the year 2000. Since then, the sport has exploded all over the world, and has developed some very creative and interesting aspects, such as underwater caches, “travel bugs” and virtual caches. We knew geocaching would present a fun challenge for people of all ages and would be a unique way to tour the property. We are also able to customize the activity for team competition, special occasions, and team building opportunities.

Our geocaching course may inspire you and your family to do more geocaching in your hometown or on other travels!
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