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Winter weather is moving in. We’re cozying into a season of hot cocoa, dazzling decorations and powdery snowflakes. While we’re embracing the chill in the air and the energy of the season, the colder weather also means we need to give our skin a little extra attention. Combat dry, dull skin this Winter with these five steps.

We all know it’s important to drink water. In the heat of Summer, thirst guides us to reach for our water bottle and refill throughout the day. In Winter, though, the cool weather often makes us less inclined to feel thirsty. This can cause us to easily get dehydrated during the cool months. Drinking enough water is not only important for your health, but it’s a contributing ingredient to keeping your skin looking healthy too. Make it a habit to carry your refillable water bottle with you through every season, not just the warm months. Keep a cup or bottle at your work, in your car and by your bedside as a reminder to sip throughout the day.

Tired of plain water? Add a burst of flavor by infusing your water with favorite fruits and herbs. Try one of our favorites for Winter – orange mint.

Exfoliation is an important Winter skincare step for your face and body. Exfoliating removes layers of dead and dry skin and encourages better absorption of moisturizers. Make sure the scrubbing agent in your product is not too harsh. Hard exfoliates can create micro scratches on the skin, especially sensitive areas like the face. Use a fine exfoliate. You will see all the same benefits, and it will not damage your skin in the process.

Make an easy DIY exfoliator at home using coconut oil and brown sugar. Stir together to create a paste and gently massage over your skin. (Also great for the lips!) The coconut oil is a great mixing agent, and it will also add moisture to the skin as you use it.

Hydrating the skin is important in every season. But Winter in particular means our skin is prone to dry patches, cracks and redness. Incorporate moisturizing in your daily skincare routine morning and night, and keep your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. You can incorporate a routine of oil and cream for extra moisturization. Night time is perfect for heavier moisturizers, as they can absorb while you rest and won’t feel thick underneath any makeup you might wear during the day.

Try a hydrating mist as well. You can get a travel size spray to carry with you and easily refresh your skin throughout the day.

Masks are a great way to target specific skin care needs. When you’re really feeling the effects of Winter skin, a mask provides an extra healing boost, designed to really soak into the skin. Masks can be a helpful agent for treating hyper pigmentation, dryness and redness. They are also beneficial for encouraging brightness, contesting dullness to provide a Winter glow of Incorporate a mask once per week and enjoy the extra self-care time as well as the benefits.

Pay attention to ingredients so you aren’t choosing a product that includes any skin allergies you may have. Face masks might be first to come to mind. But remember to also enjoy treatments with lip masks and hair masks as well as hand and foot masks to cure cracked skin. As with exfoliants, coconut oil is a useful agent to experiment with DIY masks.

Baths are therapeutic for the mind and energy as much as they are the body. Experiment with bath salts, oils and aromatherapy to sooth the skin and enjoy the benefits of time taken to slow down and enjoy a moment just for you. You can customize your baths with scents and products that you feel drawn to.

Steep a cup of warm tea with tinctures or curl up with a great book after your bath to finish out a relaxing self-care session.

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