Tasting Notes

Champagne and French Fries

Champagne. The very word brings to mind celebrations. New Years Eve. Birthdays. Graduations. But Champagne is also the perfect beverage to pair with everyday foods. The very perfect pairing in my opinion for Champagne is the humble French Fry (fried chicken is a close second). The main reason this is true is that Champagne has strikingly high acid and it also has bubbles. Both of these qualities make it refreshing and cleansing. That means that Champagne can liven your palate back up when you're enjoying heavier foods or foods with fat and salt which tend to fatigue your palate as you eat them. A sip of Champagne wakes your palate back up. Also, with food there is a law of diminishing returns that tends to set in. The first bite is great but the fifth bite isn't as memorable. That's partly because your palette has gotten used to the flavors and has adapted to them. Your palette is also coated with the fat and salt of food. The "scrubbing bubbles" in Champagne help to reset your palette and make every bite as exciting as the first. There's also something irreverent about eating a food as simple as a french fry with a beverage as revered as Champagne. But a pairing as perfect as this is worth a little irreverence.

Andy Chabot, Food and Beverage Director

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