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Cooking Demonstrations on the Farm

It’s impossible to visit Blackberry Farm and not be swept away by the incredible food and beverage program. If tasting the fresh dishes and enticing flavors on the menus at the Dogwood and The Barn inspires you to want to improve your skills in the kitchen, you’re in luck.

Every day Monday through Saturday at 11 a.m. guests have the opportunity to attend a Cooking Demonstration and learn Blackberry Farm cooking techniques to take home and share on their table. The experience is designed for a maximum of eight participants creating an intimate environment that allows you to fully engage and participate in the class. You can sit back, relax and learn, or get behind the counter and get involved.

The demos are led by Farmstead Manager Dustin Busby, Farmstead Educator Jeff Ross and Scott Franqueza of The Barn. Each cook prepares a three course menu inspired by what is in season on the Farm. Dustin likes to use the seasons as inspiration to find delicious and creative pasta fillings.

I almost always make fresh pasta and then create a filled ravioli with it. That gives me some consistency but also flexibility to change with the seasons. I just started my Summer menu. We begin with potatoes from the garden, and I show them how I like to roast potatoes for a salad. I add some garden greens, make a fresh dressing, and have them try some salami with the salad.

Using duck eggs from the Farm, we make fresh pasta. I show them how to create agnolotti – stuffed pasta – with a seasonal filling. Right now I’m using a sweet corn filling featuring the Blackberry Farm brebis cheese. We cook the pasta with some guanciale from the Farm, tomatoes, corn and chantrelle mushrooms. For dessert I show them how to make almond financier with blackberries from the garden.

Cooking Demonstrations are a perfect way to immerse yourself deeper into the culinary culture at Blackberry Farm. After watching the process, you get to enjoy the three-course lunch paired with wine, and then you take the recipes home to share your experience beyond the Farm.

Contact concierge to book a Cooking Demonstration for your next stay.
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