Tasting Notes

Cucumber Lemonade

The Main House is taking a basic lemonade recipe and transforming it into seasonal treats for Summer! Each afternoon they choose a fresh lemonade infusion to offer guests as a bright, semi-sweet sip to put the cherry – or lemon – on top of a great day at the Farm.

You don’t have to drink alcohol to have a great beverage experience at Blackberry Farm. With these infusions, every guest can enjoy seasonal, fresh drinks.

First, mix up a simple, lower-sugar housemade lemonade.

Blend cucumbers in a Vitamix. We use three to four cucumbers for three gallons of lemonade.

Strain the cucumber juice at least twice, making sure to extract all the pulp before mixing it into the lemonade.

Serve over ice and garnish with lemon wheels and cucumber slices. Cheers!

From the Sommelier: If you do want to add alcohol, this drink mixes well with a variety. Add gin, cava or your beverage of choice for a spiked version!

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