Tasting Notes

Daylight Savings

This inventive holiday cocktail from The Barn was inspired by hot buttered rum. With espresso, rum, honey butter and peppermint foam, this drink is a delicious after dinner option with the perfect hint of holiday.

1.5oz Prichard’s Tennessee Rum
3 drops of Chicory Oil
1 shot of espresso
2oz of peppermint leaf steeped milk
2 dollops of peppermint leave steeped milk foam
A dusting of ground cinnamon
1 bar spoon of honey butter

First, steam your milk until it is very hot, and steep one bag of peppermint tea leaves in the milk for 2 minutes. While the tea leaves are steeping, make a shot of espresso. Now that the espresso is made and the milk is steeping with tea leaves, in an Irish coffee mug or footed goblet glass, add the rum and chicory oil. Next, remove the tea bag from the milk, add in the bar spoon of honey butter, and steam the milk until foam is created. Once foam is made, pour the steamed milk into the glass and top with the foam. Garnish the cocktail with ground cinnamon. Cheers!

Logan Griffin, Beverage Manager at The Barn

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