Tasting Notes

Fall Farmstead Box

This year’s Fall box features a selection of Blackberry Farm cheeses and Farmstead favorites. No matter how you use them, you’re going to love these ingredients by themselves or mixed into your favorite Fall dishes. To give you some hors d'oeuvre, snack or dessert inspiration, we’ve listed our favorite pairings. For the finishing touch, Food and Beverage Director Andy Chabot gives his suggestion for the perfect wine to finish the combination.

Hawkin’s Haze
This ash surface ripened sheep’s milk cheese is named after the Hawkin’s line that runs through property, hence the line of vegetable ash that runs through the paste of the cheese. The richness of the ewe’s milk, paired with the mineral notes from the ash, makes this a favorite throughout the season. When young, Hawkin’s Haze has a light texture and finishes with crisp citrus notes. As the cheese ages, it becomes more intense with flavors of fresh cream.

Farmstead Product Pairing – Grilled Grape Jam

Wine Pairing Suggestion - Sauvignon Blanc from California is a great wine to complement this cheese and preserve. It has the acidity to cut through the sweetness and richness of the dish and a bit of a grapey-ness to mimic the preserves.

Magnolia is essentially our version of a Camembert cheese. It is a rich and luscious cheese, with slight tang, that allows a mild sheep's milk flavor to come through. It’s named after the Magnolia tree, which produces a white blossom, or bloom, and the Magnolia cheese is referred to as a bloomy rinded cheese because of the white mold rind.

Farmstead Product Pairing – Smoked Onion Jam

Wine Pairing Suggestion - I suggest a hearty and peppery red wine such as Cotes du Rhone. It can handle the smoky and sweet flavors of the Smoked Onion Jam.

Brebis is a fresh sheep’s milk cheese, produced similarly to a Chèvre. It is rich with a supple texture, while being light on the palate. Brebis is well-balanced, making it a very versatile cheese. It is excellent eaten alone, as an accent to a cheese board or used as an ingredient to add complexity to any dish.

Farmstead Product Pairing – Blackberry Farm Honey

Wine Pairing Suggestion - A more richly styled Chardonnay would nicely match the acidity and richness of the cheese while not being overpowered by the sweetness of the honey.

Singing Brook
Singing Brook is an aged sheep’s milk cheese with a hard rind. Each wheel is aged for a minimum of 5–6 months. This cheese is best served at room temperature and best described as rich, nutty and buttery with a sharpness reminiscent of a Manchego.

Farmstead Product Pairing – Pumpkin and Pear Butter

Wine Pairing Suggestion - In Portugal they serve tawny port with their pumpkin preserves and cheese. I recommend the same here. A 10 or 20 year tawny port will be a great pairing.
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