On The Farm

Farm Fact, Fun Fact

Farm Fact: One chicken can lay over 300 eggs every year.
Fun fact: Our chickens love to sunbathe! You might see them lying on the ground with one or both wings spread out to absorb as much sun as possible. This has many benefits, including warming them up and improving the healthy functions of the oils in their feathers. But they also sunbathe just for relaxation!

Farm Fact: Pigs don't have sweat glands so they lay in the mud to keep cool.
Fun Fact: Our pigs help recycle the waste from our kitchens. They especially love fruit and pastries.

Farm Fact: Female ducks are the ones that quack. Male ducks make a quieter, more raspy noise.
Fun Fact: Our Cayuga ducks lay black and gray eggs!

Farm Fact: Quail can begin laying eggs at just six weeks old.
Fun Fact: Especially during the warmer months, you may hear our quail calling back and forth to each other.

Farm Fact: Turkeys often change the color of their head throughout the day from white to red to blue, depending on their mood.
Fun Fact: Our oldest turkey, Mr. Tom, is seven years old and helps deter pests from the Dairy Barn.

Farm Fact: Donkeys can live for over 50 years and have an incredible memory.
Fun Fact: Sally, our donkey on the Farm, loves to get face scratches. Scratch her on her cheek to say hello!

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