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From Conservation to Connection

The story of conservation is not a story of the Farm or the Mountain. “It is a Blackberry story,” said Sandy Beall, father of Sam Beall and co-founder of Blackberry Farm. “The conservation effort hasn’t changed. We have always wanted to protect the land and give back.” From the beginning, the Beall family and their partners felt a responsibility and a desire to help preserve the beautiful land in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Sandy was 10 years old when he first walked the Blackberry land with his father. He always loved the land, and his son, Sam, shared exactly the same passion. Long before plans were drafted for Blackberry Mountain, the Beall family explored the hills, paths, waters and thriving natural wonder of the Mountain.

The Beall’s vision has always been to create something special for multi-generational use – not only to safeguard the natural quality of the Blackberry viewscape, but to ensure that the land remained undisturbed and protected forever. Blackberry Mountain has dedicated 2,800 acres of land to conservation easements, allowing the natural beauty to safely flourish.

As visitors drive through Walland toward the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, nearly nine miles of ridgetop are protected by Blackberry, inviting passers-by to enjoy the pure, untouched splendor of the mountains.

For the Beall family, and the families who have loved this land before them, with them and after them, the mission goes beyond protecting the property. It is about enhancing the quality of life within the cove and protecting and celebrating the heritage and culture of the region. It’s a mission that Sandy hopes will continue on with his grandchildren. “If my father’s visit up here with me nearly 60 years ago had an impact,” he said, “then I’m sure the impact on them has been 100 times that based on being here and being part of this great place.”

The next chapter is perhaps the greatest adventure to date, as the Beall family and the Blackberry team prepare to open Blackberry Mountain to the world. Deepening the family’s connection to the land and expanding on an authentic passion for hospitality, Blackberry Mountain is founded on the respect and principles that the Beall family and the Blackberry brand have upheld for generations.

With accommodations built to seamlessly blend into the natural shape of the landscape, materials sustainably harvested from the Mountain and environmentally conscious operational standards, each installation and decision has been executed with the land and our guests in mind. The Blackberry story is extending its roots and growing its branches.

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