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Main House Executive Chef Bonnie Moore loves to get behind the grill. As you prepare for delicious and fun cookouts in the Summer sun, use Chef Bonnie’s tips to boost your grilling skills!

1. Getting started! Always clean your grill before and after each use; use a simple grill brush to get all the bits off. This will help ensure a clean sear on your food. Preheat your grill (for a gas grill, 10 to 15 minutes, with charcoal, until the coals burn red and have a grey ash layer). An old friend of mine told me to cut an onion in half and rub it on the grill grates after it is preheated. It helps clean and season the grill. I do it every time!

2. Season/marinate your food ahead of time. For red meat, I suggest the morning of a night cookout. For veggies, get them ready a couple hours before. Please use oil!

3. Allow cold, raw food to be brought to room temperature before hitting the grill. This will allow the food to get a good crispy sear. Ice cold food will drop the temperature of the grill very quickly. Just pull it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before cooking, and try to knock off any excess oil that may flame up on you.

4. If your food is sticking to the grill, it means it’s not ready to be moved! It’s hard to be patient, but necessary. The protein will naturally pull away when it’s ready.

5. Allow your food to rest after it comes off the grill. I like to loosely cover it with foil. If carved without the rest, all your tasty juices run out, and you are left with a dry cut of meat. With steak, I slather the meat with a garlic herb butter when it comes off to rest. Typically you’ll want at least 10-15 minutes rest time.

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