Tasting Notes

Gin Martini with Seasonal Olive Oil

Gin Martini

2 oz Gin (we prefer botanically rich gins like Monkey 47, St. George and The Botanist)
1 oz Vodka (we like Southern Vodka like Cathead or Castle and Key)
.5oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
Garnish with infused olive oils, fresh citrus or garden herbs.

To Mix
Add all ingredients, except for the garnish, into a martini pitcher or cocktail shaker that is full of ice. Stir the mixture for 45 seconds. Strain into a martini or coupe glass. Garnish with your choice of infused oil, citrus or herbs.
The drops of oil will float atop the cocktail for a beautiful presentation.

Olive Oil
To make the infused oil select a great Georgia Olive Oil. Heat the oil up just under its smoking point and remove it from the heat. Add a handful of desired herbs, and let them steep in the oil until it cools. Remove the herbs from the oil and strain it. Refrigerate the oil until needed.

The combination works beautifully together. You taste the herbaciousness of the gin, and then the olive oil creates a smooth, savory finish. The olive oil can be infused in any season to relfect the flavors that are growing around you in the moment. It allows you to interpret the same drink recipe differently depending on the time of year. Try thyme, bee balm, hyssop, basil, rosemary or any of your favorite herbs.

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