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When summer comes to the foothills of the Smokies, the sun beats down and the humidity goes up. During these long Summer days, you have two options for enjoying the outdoors: go high (above 5,000' in the mountains) or "go to water". An old Cherokee expression, the Native Americans in the Great Smoky Mountains region would sometimes "go to water" as much as seven times a day! While guides and guests at Blackberry Farm are not likely to take the plunge seven times a day, the idea has merit.

Anyone who grew up here in the mountains without the benefit of central heat and air – heating was done with a wood stove and cooling with open windows and perhaps a box fan – can tell you that nothing cools your core and relaxes your body like a dip in one of our beautiful streams. Many of our favorite swimming holes are complete with waterfalls. One even sports a small cave concealed behind a waterfall!

So, when Summer rolls in and you feel the need to "beat the heat", let us take you to explore the cool Boreal Forest of the highest elevations or, better yet, let's go check out some of those summer "sweet spots" and have some fun cooling off in the clear, cool streams in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Explore some of our paddle sports activities, and get out on the water this Summer.

Boyd Hopkins, Activities Guide

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