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Healing Herbs and Flowers Massage

Massages soothe the mind and body for an encompassing experience of relaxation. The Wellhouse celebrates the power of aromatherapy to boost positive effects and enhance treatments. Inspired by the natural rhythms of the Farm, we draw from seasonal plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables and other healing ingredients to offer distinctive treatments that harness the natural benefits of what the land provides us.

Connect to the land and be immersed in the restorative peace of the mountains with our Healing Herbs and Flowers Massage.

Healing Herbs and Flowers
This delightful massage offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Choose Renew, to energize and uplift; Detox, to cleanse and purify; and Rest to relax body and mind. Muscular tension is dispelled with a healing massage using potent blends of essential oils. Next, poultices filled with farm fresh herbs and flowers are steeped in warm water and applied to the body. The soothing warmth induces a deeper state of relaxation while the heat and herbs signal the body to regenerate and repair tissues.

Available in 80 and 110 minutes.

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