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Inspired Mornings with Chef Bonnie

As Chef Josh Feathers continues his culinary journey as Executive Chef of Three Sisters at Blackberry Mountain, we are proud to announce that Chef Bonnie Moore has taken the helm of the Main House kitchen. She joins Executive Chefs Cassidee Dabney of The Barn and Sarah Steffan of the Dogwood as Blackberry Farm restaurant leads, each chef offering guests inspired menus in the property’s distinct culinary venues.

Known for balancing heartiness, healthiness and rich farm-to-table flavors, Chef Bonnie welcomes guests to the Main House with delicious, nourishing breakfast fare.

Tips from the Chef

"I love building dishes around the earthy, Winter ingredients in the Garden. Kale, bitter greens, collards and root vegetables are fun to experiment with and provide a true taste of the season."

"I like to offer my guests a range of menu items that will support the kind of day they want to enjoy when they leave the table, whether it’s active and adventurous or relaxing and leisurely."

"Eggs are by far my favorite ingredient for breakfast. You can prepare them in so many different ways and use them to change the texture and look of a dish. They’re a great source of protein and pair beautifully with both sweet and savory dishes."

"Simple, delicious breakfast staples can be plated for a presentation that matches your occasion—whether understated or elevated. Food never has to be complicated to look and taste great."

Enjoy recipes from Chef Bonnie!
Honey Thyme Brebis and Pear Toast

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