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Into the Mountains

Gathering around a table of delicious food is a beautiful way to spend time enjoying conversation and fellowship. But there’s a different level of connection that comes with gathering together to connect with each other and the natural world around you.

Fall is one of the most captivating and invigorating seasons. There is a beautiful and fleeting energy and movement. It’s a time meant to be enjoyed and absorbed outside. Adventuring out on a hike with a group organically inspires fulfilling conversation, laughter and a peace that can only be found in the great outdoors.

Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains offers a front row seat to the evolution of the Fall season. Setting out in early November means crunching over freshly fallen leaves, attention darting from tree to tree of fiery Fall colors, and the cleansing tinge of crisp, Autumn air. Leaf change hiking in the Smokies creates a scenery that is captivating no matter how many times you experience it.

Then late November arrives. Chilly mornings stretch into cool days as Fall fully takes hold of East Tennessee. Without the green of full trees blurring the view, the bare branches reveal a view of how the land actually lays. Each divot and peak in the ridgeline is revealed, and the intricacies of the ridgeline shape are revealed.

Hiking is a great opportunity to gather and enjoy the season no matter what part of the world you are in. At Blackberry Farm, hiking into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a wonderful opportunity to get off property and explore. Our favorite Fall hike is a half-day hike in the Park, climbing to the tip of ridgetops and meandering to the bottom of waterfalls – it’s an opportunity to tailor each trek for exactly what that group is drawn to.

Whether you find yourself in the hills of East Tennessee or surveying the landscape of other regions, push in your chairs, fill your water bottle and lace your hiking boots. Bring your gatherings outside.

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