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Just Be

The showers of April gave way to the flowers of May and now here it is, June already, and the Summer rains have returned to the mountains.

The cedar shakes on the roof that were pale and cupping are fat and dark again. The stones that had grown dull with dust and pollen are once again vibrant with color and detail. Rasberries and June berries shine with the promise of juicy goodness. The bears have left their dens to feast on the bounty, their comedic cubs tumbling along all rolie polie behind them.

Now is the time of the deep greening of the world. The mountains are an ocean of green. Wave upon wave falling away toward the ocean on one side and dumping placidly into the eddy of the Tennessee valley on the other.

It looks like you could drown in it; get lost in it. What you'll find if you sink beneath the green waves is that the breathing is actually better there. You become a creature of the great sea. Breathe it in. Fill yourself with it. Pour yourself into it.

It is the time to grow.

Before we know it, Summer will end and the time for letting go will be upon us, but for now, hold fast. Grasp at knowledge. Gather the family. Nibble the tender new shoots. Plunge into every cool, dark pool. Bask in the warm sun.Throw your head back and feel the rain on your face. Just Be...

- Boyd Hopkins, Head Naturalist

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