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Looking Back - 10 Years of The Barn

Sommelier and Director of Food and Beverage Andy Chabot and Executive Chef Cassidee Dabney share their memories of the past decade at The Barn and their hopes for the future.

ANDY CHABOT: Lots of amazing memories and special times in The Barn! Since the beginning, we’ve been able to take care of so many food and wine guests I would consider heroes of mine and industry leaders. I still think very fondly of “The Gathering,” the first event in The Barn, featuring Thomas Keller and his entire top culinary team, Screaming Eagle and Harlan wineries. It was a show-stopper and a great beginning.

CASSIDEE DABNEY: It has been phenomenal to have the talent of guest chefs in the kitchen. Every day is a new adventure. I haven’t gotten tired of it or bored in any way, shape or form. We keep pushing and changing, all for the sake of excellence.

AC: I agree, after a decade, nothing about an experience in The Barn seems tired. Quite the opposite, new seasons, ingredients, methods and more experience are all combining to continue to create memorable experiences for our guests. Through it all, we’ve earned three James Beard awards, two of those being national level awards, and that’s something I’m incredibly proud of.

CD: I am too. I’ve also really enjoyed the evolution of The Barn into a bit more of an elegant experience. When I first started here, everything was very classic Southern, and I think we’ve expanded past that and had a lot of fun stepping outside our comfort zone.

AC: My hope for The Barn is that we can continue to change and evolve in the pursuit of being the best we can be. I hope the next 10 years is another decade of showing the world what the cuisine and hospitality of this place really means. I’d love for the restaurant to be recognized as an Outstanding Restaurant from the James Beard Foundation.

CD: I definitely think we’re on the right track if we continue on this path. I think in the next five years we’re going to be killing it!

AC: I couldn’t agree more, Cassidee - the future is bright and exciting for The Barn.

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