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New Year Wellbeing

Just as we naturally gravitate indoors physically during the cold months, it is important to focus inward. It is a busy time of year, making a personal routine all the more essential to our wellbeing. Whether it be a yoga practice followed by time reflecting with a journal or a hot bath at the end of a day steeped with salts and dried lavender, finding time for yourself will not only improve your overall health, but it will allow you to re-set and be more present in the New Year.

A personalized routine should be created around your individual goals and needs. We hope to inspire you to explore what works best for you and help cultivate a routine that will start your New Year with happiness, peace and wellness.

For the Rise and Shine
Everyone has a morning routine. You create a pattern of motions to move through and get ready for your day. This is the perfect time to add something to your ritual. A great way to start the day is devoting time to movement. Go on a run, flow through a yoga sequence or simply take time to breathe and stretch. The movement should be tailored to exactly what you need to help you prepare to take on the day. Devoting just five minutes to movement every morning will help your physical and mental awareness align.

Start your day with a fresh juice or smoothie. Combine your favorite ingredients and enjoy the natural benefits of a healthy breakfast. Smoothies can be made ahead and stored to make an easy grab-and-go option. Starting the day with a healthy, energizing breakfast gets you on the right track for a day of wellbeing and productivity.

Read an inspirational statement. The morning is about fueling and finding inspiration for the day ahead. This is the moment before the to-do list, the headspace that you need before you go into your tasks for the day. Read an encouraging message or optimistic affirmation and focus yourself for a positive day.

For the Afternoon Slump
Spa and Wellness Director Katelyn Young and Wellness Manager Hope Parks have an afternoon “pepp” ritual that they share each day. Around 2:00pm, just as energy levels naturally wane in the day, they put a drop peppermint essential oil behind both ears and take a deep inhale of the oil on their hands. Peppermint livens the senses and promotes a feeling of energy for a mid-day pickup.

The Appalachian Hyssop fragrance line in the Wellhouse includes peppermint essential oil. Using the hand lotion or body oil is great way to get the same energy boost. Rub the product into your hands, massage some at the back of your ears and take a deep breath of the scent to enjoy the same sense sensation.

Step away from your work space. Take a few minutes to stretch, get a breath of fresh air or take a walk. Let your eyes take a break from your computer and phone screen. Giving yourself a few minutes to recharge will help you through the remainder of the day.

For the Wind Down
Nighttime is an opportunity to be intentional about making a shift in your day. Choose a time to set your phone down and not return to it. Just as your body needs to physically rest after a busy day, your mind needs to rest and recuperate. It is especially beneficial to a good night’s rest to shut off all phone, computer and TV screens at least one hour before going to sleep.

Enjoy a hot bath with lavender for a natural calm. Adding Bourbon & Lavender bath salts to your warm water soothes your skin and releases the lavender aroma to calm your mind. Devoting this time just to yourself, you are able to breathe slowly, relax and decompress after a full day. Finish with body cream, body butter or body oil to moisturize the skin and enjoy a lingering lavender essence.

Sip a cup of hot tea. Hot tea is not only soothing to drink, but teas and tinctures have natural health and wellness benefits. You can combine flavors and add-ins to personally target your wellness needs. To aid in a restful sleep, the Wellhouse team recommends chamomile tea with drops of Naturopathica’s sleep tincture.

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