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Private Camp at Blackberry Farm

As the weather turns colder in the Smoky Mountains, kids at Blackberry Farm can continue the fun of Summer camp into the Winter with Private Camp Sessions. Camp Manager Miranda Hill says Private Camp is one of her favorite Camp Blackberry experiences. “It’s very customized to the family,” said Miranda. “We really get to know the kids and can truly say ‘This is for your child.’”

When scheduling Private Camp Sessions, the counselors ask questions to get to know the children individually giving the family opportunity to share their children’s personal interests, be it arts and crafts, culinary activities, hiking or exploring and beyond. Then the Camp team creates a uniquely tailored plan for the experience.

Private Camp Sessions are three hours each, beginning any time of the day, and available for up to three sessions per day per family. Private Sessions should be booked in advance to allow time plan activities.

The Camp Blackberry team is always open to trying new things that your kids love. Whether it’s traditional camp activities, or thinking out of the box, this opportunity allows kids to enjoy the Farm in their own special way.

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