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Ready, Aim, Pull!

You fix your gaze over the top of the shotgun barrel. You yell, “Pull!”, and your clay target is released from the machine. Time slows down as you track the target’s movement through the air. You watch for the peak moment when the target reaches its summit and begins its descent. Aiming just ahead of the clay, you squeeze the trigger! In an instant a flash releases from the end of the shotgun and the target explodes with a flash of orange dust.

It is difficult to relay the excitement and fun of a Blackberry Farm Clays Course experience without experiencing it for yourself. The shooting activities available at the Farm are some of the favorites among our staff and guests. Built on the site of a former marble quarry, our course is ideal for everyone from first time shooters to avid sportsmen.

In addition to sporting clays, our private course also offers skeet, trap, 5 stand, double wobble, and flurry. All shooting sessions are available at 9:00am, 11:00am, and 1:00pm daily. Let one of our instructors take you on this hands-on adventure for an experience that is second to none!

Alex Fagg, Lead Concierge
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