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Reliance on Rain

I can’t imagine anyone being more aware of the importance of rain than farmers. We rely on it for the success of our farming seasons. We are always counting on just the right amount of rain – if we face drought conditions, there is a good chance that we could lose some of our crops, and if there is too much rain, our fields could flood and cause damage to the crops being grown.

For the most part, we have been very fortunate here at Blackberry Farm. During our growing seasons we usually wind up having the right amount of rain.

During the Summer months, we will sometimes encounter a dry spell. When necessary, we can irrigate our gardens using well water. On some occasions we are able to time our plantings around predicted rainfall.

If heavy rains are predicted for several days, we will wait until the rain has passed and the soil can be worked for seeding. With the soil still damp, most seeds will germinate in a short time.

One crop that can benefit from dry weather, however, are tomatoes.

Tomatoes grown during any conditions will not be as large as well-watered ones, but the flavor is superior when compared to ones containing too much water.

John Coykendall, Master Gardener

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