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Sense of Spring

The change of seasons always brings excitement. I love watching the still and quiet of Winter give way to Spring’s sensory wonders. From the tiny chirps of baby chicks and powerful fragrance of chive blossoms to the gorgeous pink of quince blooms and fresh taste of speckled heirloom lettuce—it’s as if everything on the Farm celebrates the beauty of this season in its own special way. In my family, we get especially excited about Spring morels. Sometimes on a walk, we make an impromptu check of our favorite foraging spots and hit the jackpot! We end up using our shirts to carry them back home. No matter how familiar the sights and sounds of the season, Spring always seems to surprise us with its little treasures.

This time of year, as much as ever, I try to start my days mindfully with a few moments of quiet to be grateful, pray and soak up the beginning of a new day. I have to remind myself to put away my phone every once in a while! I want to be fully present for all this season has to offer. With such a wide range of retreats and ways to enjoy the Farm this Spring, there is so much to anticipate. I recently began cycling with help from Robbie Ventura—he was Sam’s cycling coach and ultimately become one of his best friends. I’m looking forward to seeing some new territory on the bike this year.

As much as I love the new adventures Spring brings, I also cherish its traditions. Easter is usually our first big gathering of the Spring, so after our delicious feast, everyone lingers at the table for hours. For a few years, Sam and I would make all of our favorite dishes and others would bring theirs. It was really too much. So instead, we simplified and had everyone choose one item to make from our own Easter menu: deviled eggs, grilled onions, lamb, carrot soufflé— oh my, if you have never made it, you have to try it! After lunch, the rosé and Pinot Noir flow freely, and we enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the porch. There’s something so lovely about lunch al fresco with nowhere to go. This year, I’m soaking up the scents and tastes of Spring in moments like these. I’m savoring the happy sounds of family meals and singing brooks and the breathtaking beauty of both new and old with all my being. Won’t you join me?

Mary Celeste Beall, Blackberry Farm Proprietor

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