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Shagbark Hickory Glazed
Celery Root

With shag bark syrup, smoked roots and black truffle, Chef Cassidee is using a touch of citrus to brighten this delicious dish and awaken light flavors for the start of Spring.

What You’ll Need

Shagbark Hickory Syrup
Blanched Celery Root circles
Smoked Rutabaga Stock
Lemon Juice
Whole Oranges
Black Truffle
Spicy Garden Greens
Fried Celery Root Ribbons

Shagbark Hickory Syrup
The Shagbark hickory syrup is a multi-day foraging project. Find Shagbark, rinse clean and roast in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes. Put into a stock pot, cover with water and simmer for 2-3 hours. Strain, add 25% sugar, simmer and reduce until you have a syrup consistency. Strain and cool.

Smoked Rutabaga Stock
6-8 rutabaga, peeled, sliced and smoked until very smoky. Cover with water with 1-2 sliced onions. Simmer for 45 minutes to an hour. Strain, add butter and season with lemon juice and salt. Zest 1-2 rasps of orange into the broth.

To Create the Dish

Grill the blanched celery root over medium heat coals and glaze with syrup. Repeat until tacky and fully cooked.

Using a micro plain, grate fresh black truffle over the glazed celery root. Garnish with crispy celery root, spicy greens and pour the broth tableside before serving.

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