On The Farm

Sowing the Season

While we always use the month of August to shine a light on all things Garden, the growing is far from slowing down as we move into September. Vibrant and lush with late Summer crops, the Garden at Blackberry Farm is thriving and the team is quickly sowing seeds for Fall to prepare for the next growing season.

Already, the Garden team has planted beets, radishes, mustards, carrots and gorgeous Fall flowers. Now, they’re on to planting bush beans, swiss chard, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and more! This small window is a lovely time of transition as Summer crops finish, and we quickly place the seeds of Fall.

September shows no sign of cooling down in East Tennessee just yet, and the temperature is a contributing factor in how the flavor of some impressionable plants will turn out.

Arugula, for example, will have a hotter and spicier flavor if the weather stays hot while it grows. It takes on a nuttier and milder flavor if the temperatures naturally cool, which is often the preferred taste.

Radishes are another weather-impressionable plant. The hotter the weather, the “spicier” the radishes will taste. Our culinary team balances a spicier radish using simple and effective flavor pairing. Chef Cassidee and The Barn team will dip fresh radishes in butter and add a bit of salt to balance the bitterness and create a delicious Farm-to-table bite.

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