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Sowing the Seeds of Fall

We may have a few weeks left of warm weather in East Tennessee, but the Garden team is hard at work transitioning from the Summer harvest to the Fall growing season. Beyond just sowing new rows of Fall crop, each season transition means paying attention to the land and ensuring the best growing environment possible.

So we asked our Garden team to share their top tips for September gardening.

  • There’s still time to plant! You’ll want to get your seeds in now so they have proper time to root and begin growing. If you’re planting from seed, it’s the perfect time to sow things like turnips, lettuce, spinach, radishes, mustards and kale.

  • If you’re hoping to grow other varieties, you can transplant young plants like broccoli and cauliflower, and they’ll still be in line with the growing timeline.

  • Cover any of your unused garden space with cover crops. A cover crop is meant to protect the land you’re not growing on from eroding during the Winter and help maintain the soil with nutrients. Clover, rye grass, daikons and winter peas are all great cover crops. You can also use buckwheat. Buckwheat thrives in cool conditions, but it will die with frost – and that’s ok!

  • Water properly. That’s an important gardening tip for any season, of course. September can tend to be a dryer month, so pay attention to the rain levels in your area and make sure you’re keeping the soil moist for your newly sown seeds.

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