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Spontaneous Rejuvenation

I would wager that many of us can remember being taught the theory of “spontaneous regeneration” at some point in our education. It was the idea that living organisms can form from nonliving matter. In a similar – even more likely – way, cherished memories and good times can form in the least expected times at the Farm.

I believe the key word is “spontaneous”. One can plan activities and adventures to fill entire days here at Blackberry Farm, but the secret to memory-making and lasting impressions is to seize the moments that are presented to you outside of your plan. Every individual brings his or her own unique perspectives and experiences with them, and the Farm is a great place to use your imagination. Throw in some willingness to sweat and some amazing food and see what happens!

I remember some international guests who brought their family to the Farm and stayed several days. They enjoyed many adventures with us. One day we were geocaching together (think treasure hunt with a GPS). Most guests choose to track down each hidden cache by golf cart, or at least utilize the cart paths on foot to wind around the property. The children in this family, however, had made up their minds to travel to each location in as straight a line as possible. This led to spontaneous canoe trips across Walland pond, the fording of Hesse Creek, climbing a couple fences and many more way-making adventures. While those would not be suitable choices for all our guests, it was what fired the imagination of those fun-loving visitors and made for an unforgettable vacation. As the parents of the kids watched, encouraged and joined in the fun, it was clearly a case of “Spontaneous Rejuvenation”. So, certainly make plans….but don’t let those plans get in the way of letting your inner child out to play!

Boyd Hopkins, Activities Guide
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