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Spring at the Wellhouse

Blackberry Farm’s pastoral setting offers a treasure trove of natural resources to create one-of-a-kind Wellhouse experiences that are found nowhere else.

Inspired by the natural rhythms of the Farm, we draw from seasonal plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables and other healing ingredients to offer distinctive face and body offerings limited to specific times of the year.

So, as we continue sprouting with Spring, our Wellhouse treatments reflect the energy and vitality we need to transition with the season. The Garden is lush with fruits, vegetables and herbs, and all around the Farm the natural world has come to life. This is a beautiful time to embrace Farm-inspired treatments.

Our Blackberry-Time Experience Series features four full-body treatments, each curated to fit one of the four seasons. Only available March through May, it’s prime time to experience Spring’s treatment, Come Grass Time.

Come Grass Time
As we emerge from the quiet cold of Winter, never is there a better time to shed dull lifeless skin and encourage the emergence of new cellular growth. This head-to-toe experience both rejuvenates and revives. Enjoy a wild lime scalp massage and a fragrant citrus conditioning body scrub to prepare the body for a hydrating steam bath with nourishing essences. Post shower, an application of bergamot body lotion leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Next, a Springtime mini facial exfoliates, softens and nourishes your skin. This experience concludes with a shampoo and blow dry, preparing for your evening on the Farm.

The season is reflected too in our Vitality Bar. We invite guests to nourish themselves at the Vitality Bar over a replenishing cup of tea or seasonally infused water. Enjoy some of Wellness Lifestyle Expert Hope Parks’ favorite infusions for Spring on Friends of the Farm.

Ready for some simple tips for healthy skin this Spring?
1. Wash your face. Warm weather means more time to enjoy the outdoors, so remember to wash your face and clear your skin after a day of fun.
2. Moisturize. Even if your skin feels oily, a regular moisturizing routine will help you regulate your oil production and keep your skin healthy and happy.
3. Stay hydrated. Drinking water is always important, but it's especially good to remember in warmer weather. Keep a water bottle on hand and hydrate throughout the day to keep your energy and your glowing skin happy.
4. Apply sunscreen. We may not be in the thick of Summer yet, but beautiful sunshine means it's time to protect your skin. Remember to apply SPF before time outside and reapply every two to four hours.

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