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Spring Florals

Springtime means vivid colors bursting from branches and stems, stretching toward the sunshine. Wildflowers begin popping up in the woods and the fields as Spring rain nourishes the ground and brings the land back to life.

The season change also means it’s time to plant the bulbs and seeds that will sprout from the flower garden and fill our rows with bright blooms for the Floral team to use all throughout the property. Spring is an exciting time for the Blackberry Farm Floral team as they begin to invite pops of color into their arrangements, transitioning their décor with the season.

The Garden team meets with the Floral team to decide what they want to grow each year. Heirloom flowers are standard. These are seeds that have never been crossed with another flower, a pure variety. But they like to celebrate new varieties too, often planting the same types of flowers each year, but experimenting with new varieties that are available.

In Winter, arrangements feature a lot of white and evergreen accents. In March, the team begins to incorporate yellow as daffodils pop up. Then in April, it’s time to add more color.

Some favorites among the team to use in April are hyacinths and tulips. They love to utilize the blooming branches like pear, quince, honey locust and, of course, the beautiful red buds. Ferns are a great option for incorporating the bright, fresh green hues of the season and add lovely texture to an arrangement.

They’re best advice for arranging your flowers this season? Mix your florals. Create the big, beautiful bouquets of Spring that always catch your eye. It makes people smile!

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