On The Farm

Summer Growing

There are many variables on why and when to water your garden – rainfall, soil, type of plant, etc. It’s important to pay attention to all the details to cultivate a healthy and thriving crop. There are certain plants that are easier to tend to during the hotter, often dryer, Summer months.

Tomatoes are probably the most popular Summer plant. As a good rule of thumb, tomatoes need one inch of water per week. Get a rain gage to measure your rainfall, and then you’ll know how much additional water you need to supply.

For many of us in the South, Summer means very little rainfall. Okra is a great addition to your Summer garden because it is drought tolerant. Another great option is the good old southern grain – sorghum. It is drought tolerant and can be turned into things like syrup or sugar. Here at Blackberry Farm, we feature sorghum in our Muddy Pond Sorghum Syrup, Southern Sorghum Shortbread and Pecan Sorghum Butter.

Garden Tip: Use your grass clippings to retain soil moisture. Put the clippings over your garden like mulch. Grass clippings are high in nitrogen. They create a mat that is a good weed suppressant, and then as they break down, they also feed the plant.

Mike Washburn, Garden Manager
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