Passions & Pursuits

Summertime SUP

Paddleboarding is one of our favorite ways get out on the water. Honing your balance on the board, soaking up the sunshine and connecting with the water as you move through the current gives us the Summertime happiness we crave!

Take it Easy
Whether it’s your first time getting on a board or you’re just looking to go easy, paddleboarding can be as slow and relaxing as you’d like. If you don’t feel comfortable standing up yet, sit with your legs on either side of the board and enjoy the feel of the water, or get up on your knees to get comfortable with paddling around and feeling out the board.

Tip for standing and maintaining balance: Stand with your feet in line with your hips and shoulders, and position one foot slightly ahead of the other for the best balance.

Paddle Forward
If you’re up and ready to explore, you can paddle as long as your arms will let you! Paddleboarding is a great way to explore a waterway on a solo adventure or with a group. It’s also a great workout. Your legs, core and arms stay engaged as you maintain balance and maneuver your paddle. Don’t be scared of falling off. It’s all part of the ride!

Paddle tip: With any paddle sport, make sure the height of the paddle is adjusted to git you so you can maneuver as easily as possible. Keep a slight bend in your knees so they aren’t locked and distribute your weight evenly on both feet.

Find your Flow
If you want to combine two of our favorite activities and really test your balance, practice a yoga pose on your board. Start with simple poses to get a feel for shifting your weight as you move into your pose.

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