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Take it Outside

When the weather cools in East Tennessee, we feel called to spend even more time outside. The air is crisper, the energy is high and it’s a comfortable and fun time to spend extra hours in the sunshine. Whether you’re crunching over fallen leaves on your morning run or raising your arms in a sun salutation in the grass, switch up your workout routine this season and take it outside!

Skip the treadmill!
Walking or running is certainly one of the first outdoor exercises that comes to mind. With cool weather and gorgeous scenery, it’s time to pass on the treadmill and get back on the path. Keep things interesting by changing up your route, or take your cardio off-road onto a trail!

Bring fresh air to yoga!
Your yoga practice is personal, which means you have the freedom to adapt your movements and your environment to what suits you best. Take your mat out onto the porch or in the grass, and enjoy your flow surrounded by nature.

Back yard HIIT!
If your days are busy, and you want to fit in a quick at-home workout, grab your dumbbells, jump rope, bands or any of your favorite workout accessories and set up a HIIT routine outside! Plan five stations of workouts – you can try things like pushups, sprints, jump rope, burpees and sit-ups. Do timed sets at each station, and repeat the cycle five times.

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