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The Garden's Rise in Fall

Over the years I have heard numerous people refer to Fall as the end of the growing season and that Winter will arrive soon.

For me, the rise of the Fall months signals the beginning of one of our best growing seasons. Far from being a desolate landscape, our Fall gardens are teeming with new life which will thrive well into the beginning of the Winter months.

Beginning in mid-August, we begin seeding trays with lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, collards and numerous other Fall greens.

The days of Fall are ideal for the growing of cool weather crops. Unlike our weather in Spring, beginning in late August and September we begin to have cooler nights and early mornings, and by the time late September and early October arrive, our Fall crops are beginning to flourish.

By the time the last of the leaves have fallen and most of the landscapes have faded to earth colors, our gardens are alive with vibrant shades of green, and lettuces, spinach, kale, collards, Fall savory cabbage, green onions, multi-colored radishes, turnips, swiss chard and many other varieties are being taken to the kitchens for our chefs to make use of for our Blackberry Farm guests’ dining enjoyment.

Yes, our rise in Fall is well underway here at Blackberry Farm, and we look forward to an excellent harvest lasting well into the Winter months.

John Coykendall, Master Gardener

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