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The Giving Season Lasts All Year

We are excited about the start of the Sam Beall Fellows Program, the newest initiative of the Blackberry Farm Foundation, which will provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities at some of the nation’s best restaurants, hotels and wineries for hospitality-minded professionals early in their careers. In August, our second annual Passing the Torch event, featuring Chef Grant Achatz, will pay tribute to Sam’s generous spirit in an unforgettable celebration where the inaugural Sam Beall Fellows will be announced.

In addition to the Fellows program, the Blackberry Farm Foundation is committed to ongoing support for children’s and foodways charities. In 2017, the Foundation donated more than $100,000 to organizations and programs in the East Tennessee area that provide meals to children in need, offer services to children affected by abuse, promote knowledge about healthy food and inspire future hospitality professionals. With support from generous donors and partners, these efforts make a sizable impact in the community that is our home and help ensure the stability and longevity of vital and much-needed children’s programs, sustainable foodways practices and more.

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