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To the Fullest

When the fireflies show up, Summer is officially here. My kids really know it has arrived when I propose staying up past bedtime to catch some fireflies, because school is out! Remember the joy of school letting out when you were a kid? When every Summer day felt like it lasted forever, full of possibilities? That’s what Summer at Blackberry Farm can be, even if you’re long past your grade school days.

Choosing to live my life to the fullest led to my big wakesurfing adventure last Summer. On an early lake outing with MasterCraft, I realized my kids didn’t know me as very athletic, despite the hours I spent playing tennis in college. I decided I wasn’t just going to cheer them on this time—I was going to get on the water myself. Alex, our Activities Director, gave me a few pointers, and then I popped up on the wake surfboard. What a sensational feeling! Exhilarated by my wakesurfing, I decided to try slalom water skiing for the first time in five years. I was a little rusty getting up, but determined. It all came back to me, and I even pulled out a few of my old tricks for my kids. I felt like I was 16! It was great to be on the water again. And it was even better to have my family all together outside, enjoying the mountain lake with its fresh, clean water. It can be a challenge to find activities that entertain my whole crew, from age nineteen to age four—but boating is fun for everyone. A win for all of us! I hope you’ll give it a whirl with your own crew this Summer.

Off the water, there are so many quintessential Summer moments to soak up around here. Tasting the candy-like baby tomatoes straight from the garden. Rocking on the veranda with a good book and a Summer drink. (By the way, my go-to “hydrating cocktail” is tequila, coconut water, sparkling water and lemon juice on the rocks—try it!) Lingering over dinner in The Barn just because we can. And, of course, slipping away for a few refreshing hours in The Wellhouse.

I find that Summer is a good time to refocus on wellbeing. If you’re looking to recharge, please join me for our Summer Splash retreat this June 25–28. My friend Annie Favia-Erickson will bring her amazing wines to share with us, along with some exhilarating Summer activities like paddle boarding and cycling. Oh, the joy of Summer! However you choose to spend it, I hope you’ll press pause on life’s busyness and soak up happy Summer days with us. See you soon!

Mary Celeste Beall, Proprietor

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