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What are you drinking?

‘What are you drinking?’ has become the million dollar question at bars and restaurants. Now, more than ever, our guests are asking what we, the bartenders and sommeliers, would be drinking from The Barn Bar. Guests are breaking out of their habitual drinking tendencies and want to be engaged in conversations about something new and fun that comes highly recommended. So, I asked the beverage gurus of The Barn what they are most excited about drinking this year.

Andrew Woodland, Assistant Dining Room Manager and Sommelier
“I am most excited about Japanese Whisky. The Japanese distilleries’ dedication to sourcing the best grains, freshest spring water and beautifully crafted barrels is impressive. I love recommending the Yamazaki 12 Year. Its value is one of the best deals in the whisky program presently, and considering that we’re lucky to even get a couple bottles per year, it makes for a special drink.”

Dylan Hayes, Sommelier
“I am most excited about the Pritchard’s Double Barreled Bourbon due to it being back on the market. It’s a Tennessee product and a Bourbon that can go toe-to-toe with some of the best Kentucky Bourbons – the guests who have had it this year agree.”

Jason Drotar, Lead Sommelier
“Canadian whisky is a growing market category and good value to be found. They are delicious daily sippers and aren’t at all like the over-proof American cousins that are currently popular. They can be elegant and subtle. I would describe the difference in wine terms like Pinot Noir vs Cabernet Sauvignon. Forty Creek and Pike Creek are worth ordering from The Barn Bar.”

Zach Rohn, Dining Room Captain and Bartender
“I am in love with Sheep’s Dip Scotch Whisky at the moment. It’s a beautifully balanced blended scotch and shows off flavors and aromas of smoke, citrus tones, peat and finishes with a salty tang. What’s even cooler is it just got named one of the top 20 whiskies of 2017 by Whisky Advocate magazine.”

Logan Griffin, Dining Room and Beverage Manager
“I recently sat down with a distiller from Nashville, Jeff Pennington, and he is doing some exciting projects. In November, he released a Rye whisky called Davidson’s Reserve. It is the first 100% Rye Whisky coming out of Tennessee and he oversees its entire process from start to finish, a practice that has become increasingly less prominent. He drove all the way from Nashville to Blackberry Farm to have me taste 1 whisky. Needless to say, I was impressed and it is now featured in one of most popular whisky tastings offered to our guests.”

Logan Griffin, Dining Room Manager

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