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What's new in the Garden

Down at the Garden, we always have a number of projects in progress which qualify for the “what’s new” category we all think about as a new year begins. When it comes to our garden planning, hardly a month goes by when we are not busy coming up with new ideas and improvements for our farming season.

For the past year, we have been very fortunate to have the best staff that we have had in the past ten years. We currently have seven gardeners on staff, and each person brings unique skills which enhance our heritage gardens.

One of our Garden team members, Bridger, has advanced skills as a builder of structures for our garden. These projects include arbors, tomato cages, raised beds, support systems for vining plants and a number of other unique designs.

All of the structures are being built entirely from salvaged wood which comes from the truffle orchard pruning, brush from cleaned out fencerows and downed tree limbs from the nearby woods.

These structures have great aesthetic appeal and stir one’s creative imagination. During the 2019 season there will be a number of creative gardening building projects which will enhance the experience of the guests who visit our Garden.

- John Coykendall, Master Gardener

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