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Winter Storage - Carrots and Parsley

In October of 2016 I purchased a variety of seeds from a farmer’s co-op in Hungary. My purchases included carrot and parsley root seeds, which I grew during our 2017 farming season at Blackberry Farm. Parsley root has always been a mainstay in the kitchen gardens of Austria, Hungary and Romania as well as other Eastern European countries that I have visited.

In late Fall and into November, carrots, parsley root and celery roots are harvested for Winter storage.

In one of my drawing books from November 1970, when I was living in Burgenland, Austria, I made a number of drawings of women with wooden tubs filled with carrots and parsley roots. Once the tops were removed, the roots were stored in wine cellars in raised beds filled with sand. Stored in this manner, celery roots, parsnips, carrots and parsley roots would remain fresh for the entire Winter.

The carrot and parsley root seed that I brought back from Hungary made an excellent crop, which I will make good use of during the Winter months.

I love making soup through the Winter season, and I have a good number of soup recipes recorded in my drawing books while visiting kitchens in Austria, Hungary and Romania that I look forward to trying in my own kitchen in Tennessee.

Master Gardener, John Coykendall

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