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Winter Wonders

Every year, when the frenzy of the holidays comes to an end, I find myself welcoming Winter with arms open wide. It’s a much-needed season of restoration, of leaning in to connect with those around me—and myself! Whether I’m eating gooey s’mores with my kids or savoring a morning of reflection by a vibrant fire, Winter promises some of the moments I treasure most.

When the crisp smell of snow begins to swirl through the air, my home comes alive with excitement. For me, a snow day is all about the thrill—waking up to a soft world of white, topping big mugs of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, lacing up to hike through the dazzling mountains. On those snowy mornings when school and work are forced to wait, I love making a big breakfast with my family. The Farm’s recipe for gluten-free waffles topped with sweet, earthy sorghum and homemade apple compote is the warm meal we all crave. There’s something so peaceful about having everyone together, pausing from the ordinary. Winter is the perfect backdrop to the moments I want to linger over, and remember, long after the snow has melted.

This year, we’re thrilled to offer plenty of opportunities to cultivate unforgettable experiences. Slip away for an exciting day on our Clays Course. Watch as we build a new kennel for our furry Lagotto dogs. Spend a long weekend enjoying performances from incredible musicians to benefit the Americana Music Association. In Winter’s glimmering light, our picturesque corner of the Smokies makes every moment, whether big or small, one you’ll cherish.

The spirit of Winter is such a treat, with so many wonders to behold. I intend to soak up every sweet, unhurried minute before Spring stirs everything awake. I can’t wait for you to take in all the beauty of this season at Blackberry too.

– Mary Celeste Beall, Proprietor

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