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Workout in the Water

The weather is heating up fast, and we love welcoming in a season of sunshine and warmth. While the heat of Summer brings a whole lot of fun with it, it can also make some of our go-to exercises seem a bit more daunting. Making sure to stay hydrated and not overheating are critical details to Summer fun and exercise. That’s why we love taking Summer workouts to the water!

Usually the first exercise we think about for the pool is swimming laps. Swimming laps gets your heart rate going and allows you to move through the water at a pace that is suited to you. Swimming laps is always a great way to connect your body with your breath as you develop a rhythm in your movement. Try strokes like freestyle and backstroke for some speed, then mix in laps of breaststroke and change your pace. To keep your workout interesting and dynamic, mix in a couple laps with some aerobic exercises!

Some of us might think of water aerobics as a community center social circle for a specific demographic. But that wise group might know more than we think!

Any movement you do in water has two components: resistance and support. Support is the buoyancy the water provides, shifting normal gravitational pull downward to a lifting upward. Resistance of the weight of water vs. the ease of air can be increased or decreased by the speed through which we move through it. So truly, water can be an amazing gym for the Summer! Even if you don’t enjoy swimming laps, doing traditional moves such as squats, lunges, jogging and even jumping jacks can be more fun and challenging in water – all while being extra comfortable for the joints. Water exercise can help improve cardio health and balance.

Jumping and running are high impact on land and limiting for some, but these activities can be embraced with extra support and extra challenge in the water! The smooth resistance of water makes your muscles work, but you won’t be impacting your skeletal system each time you land your step.

Have we sold you on pool cardio yet? Try it out! Create a simple routine of exercises, like a HIIT workout, and get your heart rate up for some Summer sculpting. Beyond jogging, squatting and jumping, you can get creative with your movements. Try doing crunches or utilizing the pool side for stability and doing kicks.

Water also has a relaxing property for many. Acknowledging this benefit is just as important as the physical component. Our state of wellness is much more than just physical fitness. Enjoy every moment of your time in the water this season.

Blackberry Farm’s Aquafit class at the Wellhouse is approachable for all levels. With each movement there are opportunities to decide whether you want the water to be more supportive or more challenging. Join us at the Wellhouse this Summer and try it out!

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