Tree Removal/Planting Phases

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We are very careful and conscientious about any tree removal at Blackberry Farm and after thoughtful consideration, had to remove a stretch of trees this week. The White Pines along West Millers Cove Road have been in decline for several years due to a fungal condition, Phytophthora, that causes root rot. Currently there is not a way to rid the trees of this condition and it will continue to spread to all of the conifer trees. All conifers are susceptible to this fungal condition that lives in the soil so the replacement trees will be deciduous trees and evergreen shrubs, which tolerate the fungus and the conditions that allow the fungus to thrive.

Earlier this year we began to work with Jay Graham, a landscape architect, to help build a master planting plan for Blackberry Farm. In the future years this plan will help guide the look of our property. The road frontage was one area we were particularly concerned with and worked with Jay to develop the replacement plan in the following link.

We are currently focusing our attention in sections along West Millers Cove Road in phases.

Phase 1: Tennis Courts to across from Nickajack

· Tree Removal: September 2017

         We wanted to take advantage of low occupancy period for the hotel to remove the trees

· Ground Prep: September – October 2017
        Debris removal
        Stump grinding
        Soil amendments
· Tree Planting: November 2017
       November is the best time of year to plant to provide the trees the best opportunity for success
                          · Maple
                          · Swamp Bay Magnolia
                          · American Holly
                          · Witch Hazel

                          · Flowering Dogwood

Phase 2: Nickajack to entrance of the Barn

· TBD 2018

Phase 3: Entrance of the Barn to end of the fence line

· TBD 2018/2019


Master Replacement Plan
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