The Blackberry Farm Pro-Am Classic Videos

Group Cycling Tips

Being aware of your surroundings is just one of the tips in this conversation between Coach Robbie Ventura, George Hincapie and Christian Vande Velde as they talk through what makes a successful peloton ride.

Community of Cycling

Join Coach Robbie Ventura as he speaks with Christian Vande Velde and Alison Tetrick about the social aspect of cycling and relationships that are formed on the road.

Inside the Pro-Am: Team Time Trial

There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of the team time trial. Speed, teamwork and grit. It’s all part of the thrill of this unique event, and part of the grander reason why the Blackberry Farm Pro-Am Classic has evolved into an annual guest favorite experience.

During this nine-mile stage, riders will work together drafting and sprinting along the scenic shoreline of Chilhowee Lake towards the finish line. Take a look for yourself as former U.S. professional cyclist Robbie Ventura previews this exciting stage.

Inside the Pro-Am: Bluff Mountain

It’s one of the most beautiful stretches of roads in all of Tennessee, and as former U.S. professional cyclist Robbie Ventura claims, one of the top climbs in the entire U.S. Featuring a lineup of switchback climbs, this stage provides cyclists the opportunity to test their skills and work together as a team to reach the top.

Jump into our Previewing the Pro-Am series as former U.S. professional cyclist Robbie Ventura takes riders through a preview of this stunning stage. Ventura gives riders a first-hand look at Bluff Mountain while providing a few tips for ascending the climb and ultimately reaching the summit.

Inside the Pro-Am: Circuit Race

What’s it like to sprint side-by-side with former pro cyclists across the stunning backdrop of Blackberry Farm? At the Pro-Am Classic, riders have the opportunity to do just that as they take part in the fast-paced circuit race.

The five-lap circuit gives riders the chance to utilize all of their skills as they sprint through straightaways, wind through corners and climb the final ascent to the finish line. Former U.S. professional cyclist Robbie Ventura takes you through a lap of the race in our Pro-Am Preview video series.

The Balance of Life

After an epic day on the bike, it’s important to focus on overall wellness and balance. The Blackberry Farm Pro-Am Classic not only gives riders the opportunity to experience a multi-stage race with former professionals, but it also maintains a distinct focus on nutrition, recovery and fueling properly – as well as a glass of fine wine to celebrate the finish of a long day on the saddle.

Vision Quest Coaching founder Robbie Ventura sat down with orthopedic physician Dr. Kevin Sprouse to discuss how to achieve balance in exercise, nutrition, sleep and more.

The Ability to Improve

Join Coach Robbie Ventura and Dr. Kevin Sprouse from Podium Sports Medicine discussing the ability to track significant gains through conventional means in the endurance sport of cycling.

2017 Pro-Am Broadcast

Watch the 2017 Blackberry Farm Pro-Am Classic Broadcast