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Our artisanal cheeses are prepared and aged using time-tested methods that yield time-honored flavors. Each of our artisanal cheeses is distinct, and features characteristics of its season.
  • Brebis Cheese, 8 ounces

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    Brebis Cheese, 8 ounces

    Item: #605505

     (available seasonally)
    Brebis is a fresh sheep’s milk cheese, produced similarly to a Chèvre. It is rich with a supple texture, while being light on the palate. Brebis is well-balanced, making it a very versatile cheese. It is excellent eaten alone, as an accent to any sandwich or when paired with one of our delicious jams. (8 oz. | pasteurized)

    Watch this video for a conversation with our Cheesemaker!  

    For more ideas from our chefs on how to enjoy Brebis at home, check out Brebis 5 Ways

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    Price: $12.00

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